Professional series abrasive discs NovoAbrasive Extreme

Novoabrasive Extreme is the newest development of premium quality from professionals of Nova Vodolaga abrasive factory. Cutting and grinding discs of this series, created by a unique formula, using innovative technological solutions, have excellent characteristics of cutting: speed, wear, comfort while working. Base cutting discs Novoabrasive Extreme is the modified fused corundum with an active coating that gives the possibility to increase the mechanical strength. Thanks to cutting-edge innovations in the production of wheels, managed to get high performance and maximize their performance.

Discs NovoAbrasive

Cutting discs for metal TM NovoAbrasive are designed to work with carbon, structural and alloyed types of steel. The priority areas that were laid during development, were high quality, increased wear resistance, tensile strength and best technical characteristics of the cut. All this remoteness is realized through the use of raw materials from leading European suppliers, modern Italian production lines, proven methodology, and production technology from Europe. The circles comply with the European safety standard EN 12413. Disks have taken a worthy place in the middle price segment in the abrasive market tool.