Marking of abrasive discs

Explanation marking abrasive discs according to EN 12413 standard

Labelling according to EN 12413 indicates that the manufacturer has followed the necessary safety requirements in accordance with the European standard "Safety requirements for abrasive products in the bundle," in order to prevent risk to the end user. Paragraphs 1 to 11 as defined above, except № 4 are required for products labelled by EN 12413 standard.
Marking of abrasive wheels
  • 1
    Registered trademark
  • 2
    Maximum rotation frequency (rpm)
  • 3
    Maximum working speed
  • 4
    Dimensions, mm (outer diameter, height / thickness and bore diameter)
  • 5
    Type, number or form according to ISO standard, specification
  • 6
    Limitation of use
  • 7
    Safety pictograms
  • 8
    Name of product series
  • 9
    Type of use
  • 10
  • 11
    The name of the manufacturer, supplier, importer
  • 12
    Expiration date / tracking code.
  • 13
    Certification marks
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