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Terms of cooperation with distributors

The distributor is an official representative of NovoAbrasive Plant which sells products to wholesalers and retailers, and sometimes to the end customers.

Distributors are the official representatives of NovoAbrasive Company and are protected by the NovoAbrasive trademark with full support.

General distributor
Gains the right to sell products through its own infrastructure and using own resources.

Exclusive distributor
Distributes products through an established network of dealers and retailers and is the only representative of NovoAbrasive Company on a particular territory or in a particular country.

  • Own products
  • Fair and open cooperation
  • Favourable prices and terms of cooperation
  • Adequate quality of products
  • Wide range of products
  • Transparent pricing
  • Dealer protection
  • Execution of orders within the shortest possible time
  • Product reservation in warehouses
  • Delivery organization assistance
  • Providing display samples and exhibition stands
  • Advertising materials support
  • Seller’s information on the company’s official website
  • Independent retail pricing based on the regional particularities

Active promotion of products in your region
Fulfillment of defined sales plans

All agreements are specified in the Dealer Contract and are followed on partnership terms.

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