We are developing a distributor network in all regions as well as offer to produce abrasive cut-off and grinding wheels under your trademark (Private Label).

We deliver our products to any region of the world.
We produce over 30 million cut-off and grinding wheels a year under more than 50 different trademarks for customers from all over the world.
Our young and innovative team numbers about 300 employees.
Our products possess all necessary quality certificates (MPA Hannover, ISO 9001: 2015, UkrSEPRO, EAC, EN12413, FEPA).
The full range of our products is available for shipment from our own and partners’ warehouses:

Kharkiv, Ukraine
London, Great Britain
Warsaw, Poland
Moscow, Russia
We supply our products to 35 countries (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Great Britain, Germany, Hong Kong, Greece, Georgia, Egypt, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Canada, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Nigeria, UAE, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Rwanda, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, USA, Tanzania, Turkey, France, Czech Republic, Estonia).

Why is it a paying business?

Our sales and marketing policy is equally beneficial for both large and small enterprises.

We provide our dealers with the exclusive rights of regional representatives.
We will offer you a powerful and efficient marketing support for sales of products. This support includes:
  • Detailed specifications for each type of products;
  • Product advertising brochures and other promotion options;
  • Joint participation in various exhibitions.
We deliver our products to any region of Ukraine, Europe and worldwide.

Looking forward to a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation

Large and small distributors
Manufacturing companies
Retail chains and online stores
Development and construction companies
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