Terms of cooperation with Distributors
In connection with the formation of a distribution network, we suggest that you consider cooperation in the distribution of TM "Novoabrasive" in your region. The entire range of products is available for shipment from our warehouse.
The distributor is the official representative of the NovoAbrasive factory, which sells to wholesalers and retailers, sometimes to end consumers.

Distributors are official representatives of NovoAbrasive and are entitled to protection of the NovoAbrasive trademark and full support of the plant.

The General Distributor
receives the right to sell products using his own infrastructure and resources.

An exclusive distributor
distributes products through an established network of dealers and retailers, is the only representative of NovoAbrasive in a specific territory or country.


  • Own production;
  • Honest and open cooperation;
  • Favorable prices and terms of cooperation;
  • Decent product quality;
  • A wide range of Transparent pricing Dealer Protection;
  • Fulfillment of orders as soon as possible;
  • Product reservation in stock;
  • Help in arranging delivery;
  • Providing exhibition samples and stands;
  • Promotional Support;
  • Posting information about the dealer on the factory website Independent formation of retail prices based on the specifics of the region.


  • Actively promoting products in your area;
  • Follow established sales plans.

All agreements are recorded in the dealer agreement and are observed on a partnership basis.

If you are ready to discuss the possibility of cooperation with our factory, you need to fill out the form below. We will contact you immediately!
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