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Diamond blade NovoTools Standard 300x7x20mm, Segmented

NovoTools Standard Segmented Diamond Blade - Precision Cutting for Professional Results

The NovoTools Standard Segmented Diamond Blade is engineered for precision cutting, delivering professional-quality results across a variety of materials. With its robust construction and advanced design, this blade is a trusted choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Key Features:

  1. Segmented Design: Featuring a segmented design, this diamond blade offers superior cutting performance and durability. The segments are strategically positioned to provide precise and clean cuts through tough materials such as concrete, stone, and masonry. Whether you're working on construction projects or home renovations, this blade ensures efficient cutting with minimal effort.
  2. Optimized Size: With a diameter of 300 mm (12") and a bore size of 20 mm (3/4"), this blade is suitable for use with a variety of power tools, including angle grinders and concrete saws. The optimized size allows for versatility in cutting applications, making it an essential tool for professionals in various industries.
  3. Enhanced Safety: Compliant with EN13236 safety requirements, this diamond blade prioritizes operator safety during use. It is manufactured to stringent standards, ensuring reliability and peace of mind for users. Additionally, the segmented design reduces the risk of blade binding and kickbacks, further enhancing safety on the job site.
  4. High-Speed Operation: With a maximum speed of 6,400 rpm and 80 m/s, this blade enables efficient cutting, reducing project completion times and increasing productivity. Whether you're cutting concrete slabs, brick walls, or paving stones, the high-speed operation ensures smooth and precise cuts every time.
  5. Barcode EAN-13: Each blade is equipped with a unique barcode (EAN-13), facilitating easy identification and tracking. Whether you're managing inventory in a warehouse or purchasing blades for a specific project, the barcode simplifies the procurement process and ensures accurate stock management.

The NovoTools Standard Segmented Diamond Blade is the ultimate cutting solution for professionals seeking precision and performance in their work. From construction sites to workshop environments, this blade delivers consistent results and helps achieve flawless cuts with ease.

Experience the reliability and efficiency of the NovoTools Standard Segmented Diamond Blade for your cutting needs and elevate your projects to the next level.