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NovoAbrasive PROFI Flap disc T29 125x22.2mm, Grit 120, Zirconium, pack of 10 pcs.

NovoAbrasive PROFI Flap Disc Pack - T29, 125mm, Grit 120, Zirconium (Pack of 10)

The NovoAbrasive PROFI Flap Disc Pack offers professional-grade grinding performance and durability, making it an essential tool for metalworking, fabrication, and construction tasks. This pack includes 10 flap discs, each featuring high-quality zirconium abrasive grain and a grit rating of 120 for fine finishing and polishing applications.

Key Features:

  1. Premium Zirconium Abrasive: These flap discs are crafted with premium-quality zirconium abrasive grain, known for its exceptional durability and aggressive cutting action. The zirconium abrasive ensures rapid material removal and extended service life, making these discs ideal for heavy-duty grinding tasks on ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  2. Grit Rating: With a grit rating of 120, these flap discs are specifically designed for fine finishing, blending, and polishing applications. They are suitable for achieving smooth surfaces, removing light imperfections, and preparing materials for painting or coating applications.
  3. Type 29 Configuration: The flap discs are engineered in Type 29 configuration, featuring angled flaps that provide aggressive grinding action and improved surface contact. The angled profile allows for efficient material removal and enhanced control during operation, making them suitable for contour grinding and edge chamfering.
  4. Optimal Size and Compatibility: Each flap disc has a diameter of 125mm (5") and a bore size of 22.2mm (7/8"), ensuring compatibility with most angle grinders and power tools. The standard size makes them suitable for a wide range of grinding applications in metal fabrication, construction, and automotive industries.
  5. High-Speed Operation: Rated for a maximum speed of 12,200 rpm and 80 m/s, these flap discs enable fast and efficient grinding operations, even at high speeds. The high-speed capability enhances productivity and reduces processing time, making them ideal for demanding industrial applications.
  6. Safety Compliance: The flap discs meet the safety requirements specified by EN13743 standards, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and providing added safety during use. Users can work with confidence, knowing that these flap discs meet stringent safety standards.
  7. Pack of 10: The pack contains 10 flap discs, providing ample supply for extended use and multiple grinding tasks. The set of 10 ensures convenience and cost-effectiveness, allowing users to tackle various projects without the need for frequent replacements.

Experience professional-quality grinding performance and achieve exceptional results with the NovoAbrasive PROFI Flap Disc Pack. Whether you're grinding, blending, or finishing metals, these flap discs deliver superior performance and consistent results, making them indispensable tools for professionals and hobbyists alike.