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Inverter gasoline generator PULS energy PG3500iA, 3.3 kW

PULS Energy PG3500iA Inverter Gasoline Generator - 3.3 kW, Electric Start, Portable, Quiet, Fuel Efficient, Reliable Power

The PULS Energy PG3500iA Inverter Gasoline Generator is the ideal solution for reliable power supply during outdoor adventures, emergencies, and recreational activities. It is portable, fuel-efficient, quiet, and engineered for high performance. Featuring 100% copper winding and automatic voltage regulation (AVR), the PG3500iA ensures top-notch quality and durability. Its advanced inverter technology delivers stable power, safe for sensitive electronics, and ensures consistent operation. The generator is built with robust materials for long-term resilience, making it perfect for camping, tailgating, and backup power. User-friendly with an electric start system and designed to efficiently handle power outages, the PULS Energy PG3500iA measures 510 x 320 x 475 mm and weighs 21.5 kg, equipped with wheels and a handle for easy transport. Available in black.

Key Features:

  1. COMPACT AND PORTABLE: The PULS Energy PG3500iA measures 510 x 320 x 475 mm and weighs 21.5 kg, making it easy to transport with integrated wheels and handle, ideal for camping, tailgating, and outdoor events.
  2. FUEL-EFFICIENT PERFORMANCE: Includes a 3.7-liter fuel tank with a single-cylinder 4-stroke OHV engine, offering 4.5 hours of runtime at 50% load. Perfect for reliable power during outdoor activities.
  3. ADVANCED INVERTER TECHNOLOGY: The generator features cutting-edge inverter technology and automatic voltage regulation (AVR) for stable and clean power, making it safe for sensitive electronics and ensuring reliable operation.
  4. DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made with 100% copper winding for long-lasting durability. Suitable for rugged conditions, perfect for camping and emergencies, and offers peace of mind to users.
  5. USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: This generator is easy to use and maintain with an intuitive electric start system. Designed to solve power outages efficiently and is CE and EU Stage V certified.
  6. QUIET OPERATION: Operates at a low noise level of 60dB at 7m (25% load), ensuring a quiet environment during use. Ideal for families and outdoor enthusiasts seeking peaceful power solutions.
  7. RELIABLE POWER SUPPLY: Provides consistent and dependable power with running watts of 3000 and max watts of 3300. Features 1 x 230V 16A socket, 12V DC output, and 2 USB ports to meet various energy needs.

The PULS Energy PG3500iA Inverter Gasoline Generator is designed to meet diverse power needs with its advanced features and reliable performance.