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NovoAbrasive PROFI Flap disc T29 125*22.2mm, P40, zirconium, pack of 10 pcs.

NovoAbrasive PROFI Flap Disc Pack - T29, 125mm, Grit 40, Zirconium (Pack of 10)

The NovoAbrasive PROFI Flap Disc Pack in Type 29 configuration is engineered for professional grinding applications, offering exceptional performance and durability. Featuring premium zirconium abrasive grain, this pack contains 10 flap discs designed to deliver aggressive material removal and long service life.

Key Features:

  1. Premium Zirconium Abrasive: Crafted with high-quality zirconium abrasive grain, these flap discs offer superior grinding performance and extended lifespan. The zirconium abrasive ensures fast material removal and consistent results, making them ideal for demanding grinding tasks in professional environments.
  2. Versatile Grit Rating: With a grit rating of 40 (P40), these flap discs are suitable for coarse grinding applications. Whether you're removing welds, smoothing surfaces, or shaping metal, the 40-grit discs provide efficient material removal and optimal surface finishing.
  3. Type 29 Configuration: Designed in Type 29 configuration, these flap discs feature a conical profile that allows for aggressive grinding action and enhanced versatility. The conical shape provides better access to tight spaces and irregular surfaces, making them suitable for a wide range of grinding tasks.
  4. Optimal Size and Compatibility: Each flap disc has a diameter of 125mm (5") and a bore size of 22.2mm (7/8"), ensuring compatibility with most angle grinders and power tools. The standard size makes them suitable for various grinding applications in metalworking, fabrication, and construction.
  5. High-Speed Operation: With a maximum speed of 12,200 rpm and 80 m/s, these flap discs facilitate fast and efficient grinding operations. The high-speed operation improves productivity and reduces processing time, making them ideal for high-volume grinding tasks.
  6. EN13743 Safety Requirements: These flap discs comply with EN13743 safety requirements, ensuring reliability and safety during use. The adherence to safety standards ensures user protection and minimizes the risk of accidents or injuries, making them suitable for professional use.
  7. Barcode EAN-13: Each pack is equipped with a unique barcode (EAN-13), allowing for easy identification and tracking. The barcode simplifies inventory management and ensures accurate product identification, contributing to efficient workflow processes and inventory control.

Enhance your grinding efficiency with the NovoAbrasive PROFI Flap Disc Pack, featuring premium zirconium abrasive grain and Type 29 configuration for professional-grade performance in various grinding applications. Whether you're grinding stainless steel, carbon steel, or non-ferrous metals, these flap discs deliver consistent results and reliable performance.