The need for high-quality abrasive discs is growing with the growth of construction and repair works. Novovodolazhskiy Abrasive Plant is focused only on the production of resinoid cutoff wheels and all the resources and attention is given to this area which guarantees the quality and reliability of each item of our products.

Novovodolazhskiy Abrasive Plant uses the world’s best Italian equipment, the most advanced production technology. In the process of production of abrasive cutoff wheels influence of the human factor is minimized by full automation of the production process. Stable and excellent quality of abrasive wheels is also ensured by the best raw materials from European manufacturers – partners of our plant.

You can see a number of pictures that represent our production and the conditions in which the resinoid cut-off wheels are made.


1 Cutting down fiberglass mesh on the automatic press

2 Baking process

3 Discs production on the press

4 Bakelization

packing discs Novoabrasive

5 Packaging

The strong technology base of the plant, qualified engineering personnel, in-house developments, extensive experience, and a strict control system are the factors allowing us to guarantee the quality and reliability of each unit of output manufactured by our Company.