отрезные диски по металлу Novoabrasive Extreme


Novoabrasive Extreme is the newest development of premium quality from professionals of Novovodolazkyi abrasive plant. Cutting discs of this series, created by a unique formula, using innovative technological solutions, have excellent characteristics of cutting: speed, wear, comfort while working. Base cutting discs Novoabrasive Extreme is the modified fused corundum with an active coating that gives the possibility to increase the mechanical strength. Thanks to cutting-edge innovations in the production of wheels, managed to get high performance and maximize their performance.
NAECD11510T41115x1.0x22.2313300A 60 S BFInox, Metal2525
NAECD11516T41115x1.6x22.234400A 36 S BFInox, Metal2525
NAECD12510T41125x1.0x22.2312250A 60 S BFInox2525
NAECD12516T41125x1.6x22.2312250A 36 S BFInox2525
NAECD15016T41150x1.6x22.2310200A 36 S BFInox2525
NAECD18016T41180x1.6x22.238500A 36 S BFInox2525
NAECD23019T41230x1.9x22.236650A 30 S BFInox2525

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