Grinding wheels NovoAbrasive are designed for all types of grinding, removal of large allowances, cleaning of welds, burrs. Made from normal electro corundum.
WG11560Т1115x6.0x22.2313300A 24 R BFInox, Metal1040
WG12560Т1125x6.0x22.2312250A 24 R BFInox, Metal1040
WG15060Т1150x6.0x22.2310200A 24 R BFInox, Metal1020
WG15080T27150x8.0x22.2312250A 24 R BFInox, Metal1040
WG18060Т1180x6.0x22.238500A 24 R BFInox, Metal1020
WG23060Т1230x6.0x22.236650A 24 R BFInox, Metal1010
WG2711560T27115x6.0x22.2313300A 24 R BFInox, Metal1040
WG2712560T27125x6.0x22.2312250A 24 R BFInox, Metal1040
WG2712580T27125x8.0x22.2312250A 24 R BFInox, Metal1040
WG2715060T27150x6.0x22.2310200A 24 R BFInox, Metal1020
WG2718060T27180x6.0x22.238500A 24 R BFInox, Metal1020
WG2718080T27180x8.0x22.238500A 24 R BFInox, Metal1020
WG2723060T27230x6.0x22.236650A 24 R BFInox, Metal1010
WG2723080T27230x8.0x22.236650A 24 R BFInox, Metal1010

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