Cutting wheels on metal ┬źNovoAbrasive┬╗. designed to work with carbon and stainless steel. Made from normal electro corundum.
WM11508T41115x0.8x22.2313300A 60 S BFInox25200
WM11510T41115x1.0x22.2313300A 60 S BFInox25200
WM11512T41115x1.2x22.2313300A 46 S BFInox25200
WM11516T41115x1.6x22.2313300A 36 S BFInox25200
WM11520T41115x2.0x22.2313300A 30 S BFCarbon steel25100
WM11525T41115x2.5x22.2313300A 30 S BFCarbon steel25100
WM11530T41115x3.0x22.2313300A 30 S BFCarbon steel25100
WM11532T41115x3.2x22.2313300A 30 S BFCarbon steel25100
WM12508T41125x0.8x22.2312250A 60 S BFInox25200
WM12510T41125x1.0x22.2312250A 60 S BFInox25200
WM12512T41125x1.2x22.2312250A 46 S BFInox25200
WM12516T41125x1.6x22.2312250A 36 S BFInox25200
WM12520T41125x2.0x22.2312250A 30 S BFInox25100
WM12525T41125x2.5x22.2312250A 30 S BFInox25100
WM12530T41125x3.0x22.2312250A 30 S BFInox25100
WM12532T41125x3.2x22.2312250A 30 S BFCarbon steel25100
WM15016T41150x1.6x22.2310200A 36 S BFInox2575
WM15020T41150x2.0x22.2310200A 30 S BFCarbon steel2550
WM15025T41150x2.5x22.2310200A 30 S BFCarbon steel2550
WM15030T41150x3.0x22.2310200A 30 S BFCarbon steel2550
WM18016T41180x1.6x22.238500A 36 S BFInox2575
WM18020T41180x2.0x22.238500A 30 S BFCarbon steel2550
WM18025T41180x2.5x22.238500A 30 S BFCarbon steel2550
WM18030T41180x3.0x22.238500A 30 S BFCarbon steel2550
WM23016T41230x1.6x22.236650A 36 S BFInox2525
WM23019T41230x1.9x22.236650A 30 S BFCarbon steel2525
WM23020T41230x2.0x22.236650A 30 S BFCarbon steel2525
WM23025T41230x2.5x22.236650A 30 S BFCarbon steel2525
WM23030T41230x3.0x22.236650A 30 S BFCarbon steel2525
WM23032T41230x3.2x22.236650A 30 S BFCarbon steel2525
WM30030T41300x3.0x205100A 24 P BFCarbon steel1515
WM30030T41300x3.0x325100A 24 P BFCarbon steel1515
WM35030T41350x3.0x25.44400A 24 P BFCarbon steel1515
WM35535T41355x3.5x25.44400A 24 P BFCarbon steel1515

Work stock


Carbon steel