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FEPA - Federation of European Manufacturers of Abrasives

Novovodolazkyi Abrasive Plant is the first Ukrainian manufacturer to become a permanent member of the FEPA - European Federation of Abrasive Producers.
FEPA develops and implements standards for the use and safety of abrasives. All manufacturers that are members of FEPA ensure the quality and reliability of abrasives for the customer.

«FEPA» Федерация Европейских Производителей Абразивов

FEPA, the Federation of European Abrasives Manufacturers, is an association representing over 80% of European abrasive manufacturers, world leaders, and abrasive national associations and their members. FEPA members produce 90% of abrasives in Europe, exporting 35% worldwide.

The task of FEPA, in addition to representing the European abrasive industry, is to promote abrasives produced in Europe, inform about changes in the regulatory framework in Europe and around the world, develop and implement new standards for the quality, and safety of abrasives.