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New! NovoTools universal saw blade for angle grinder

Universal saw blade - a special development for safe work on wood and other materials with an angle grinder (angle grinder). This disc allows you to effectively cut wood, as well as various materials, to choose grooves when moving sideways. The cut is smooth, there are no jerks and impacts during the plunge.

The disc is made of high-quality sheet steel, which ensures its resistance to deformation. The brazing of the disk made of VK8 tungsten-carbide alloy is resistant to abrasion and has a long service life.

  • Construction wood and solid wood (hard and softwood)
  • Wooden panels (plywood, chipboard, MDF, form work, laminate)
  • Gypsum board, aerated concrete, fiberglass, OSB, acrylic stone, veneer, aluminum, aerated concrete, gypsum, artificial stone, foam concrete.

The discs are manufactured in accordance with EN847-1 standards.

Packed in a colored blister.

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