1. Founded factory – 2013 г.

2. The creator of a start-up has the industry experience of consumables – 15 лет.

3. The plant uses Italian equipment.

4. The presses of our factory are made in 2013

5. Chief Technologist – second-generation industry specialist

6. The plant employs 2% of the working population of Novovodolzhsky district

7. The production capacity of the plant 2.4 million discs per month

8. The plant produces 46 trademarks, for customers in Ukraine and in Europe and Asia, Africa

Product Requirements. ГОСТ

гост график Novoabrasive

Novoabrasive products comply with ГОСТstandards.
The performance of our disks is 53% higher than the requirements of ГОСТ.

We have achieved such indicators thanks to the best, modern Italian equipment, high-quality raw materials (Germany, Austria), quality control at every stage of production and unconditionally highly qualified employees. Our employees are trained in Italy with specialists who installed and set up equipment in our factory.


Product Requirements. МРА

Требования MPA NovoabrasiveThe quality of the disks is confirmed by MPA certificates. Such certificates are available for Makita, Metabo, Bosh and other global brands.

One of the main parameters of quality circles is safety. Our circles are tested to break with speeding 2.2 times.

We achieved a break rate of 20% more than current requirements for MPA certification.