сотрудники компании Строитель на нововодолажском абразивном заводе


The Novovodolazkyi abrasive plant was visited on a working visit by representatives of the chain of stores ‘Сроитель’. This company sells power tools, floor coverings, finishing materials for construction, plumbing and other useful goods for home and garden in the Lugansk region.

A complete list of products can be found on the company website https://stroitel.org.ua.
           We were pleased to show and tell you about all the stages of creating a disc. To reveal the professional details and subtleties of the production of abrasive tools. Our experts made a tour of all the shops. Have shown all stages of production of flexible disks. During the excursion, these questions were answered.
           We tested our discs for the number of cuts and other brands, which brought with them employees of the network of building materials
‘Сроитель’ .

The final stage of the meeting was a presentation about the products and opportunities that are opened for customers in cooperation with our factory.
          The meeting turned out to be productive and useful for both sides. Look for our products on the shelves of the construction supermarket ‘Сроитель’.

 For our company, such meetings are standard practice. The purpose is to provide the maximum information for clients, to teach and to promote. We are directly interested in the growth of each client and intend to continue investing in your development time and money.