Novovodolazkyi Abrasive Plant is always targeted at European market of abrasive instrument, which is highly demanding in terms of quality and reliability. Upon request of our European customers the plant purchased the special testing stand for testing the wheels for side load and mechanical durability (which is a mandatory requirement for entering the oSa organization).

Our plant has become the first abrasive enterprise in Ukraine and the CIS using such equipment. Now all abrasive wheels made by the plant are tested for safety and compliance to the international oSa standards, which is the main production priority.

oSa (Organization for the Safety of Abrasives) – is an international organization, where the membership indicates conformity to the high standards of the products. Currently the organization comprises 50 large companies. The oSa membership is gained after passing a series of hard tests and independent checks. Our plant intends to join the leading producers of abrasive instrument and become an oSa member in 2016. The new testing stand is the first step on this way.