In today’s world radiological tests are highly important and being conducted for different products and building materials including abrasive wheels.

“Standards of Radiation Security of Ukraine” (SRSU-97) set up norms of maximum radiation doses allowed for human beings and environment.All these standards are obligatory for fulfilment both for legal and natural persons with no restriction on ownership. Radiological tests help to check the level of radiation safety for the product and find out the menace of irradiation. Radiation control includes tests for radionuclides and other similar substances harmful for human beings. The after-test result is specified in a special document. Nowadays it’s proven that radiation level of the product can be the reason of oncological disease in case if it is higher than the background level.

Our factory takes care of our customers’ health, we keep on constantly and thoroughly checking all the raw materials used for our abrasive wheels! Our products have successfully passed radiological tests at the State Sanitary-Epidemiological Service of Ukraine, radiation level meets the standard and our products are absolutely safe.

NovoAbrasive wheels have been given the 1-st Class of Use (all kinds of construction with no limits).