Improving quality of corporate management

Nowadays, the importance is gained by exercising the Company management providing for adaptation of the plant to rapidly changing business conditions, changes in the environment, changes in the position of consumers, increased competition for resources, business internationalization, new unexpected business opportunities.

Increasing production efficiency

The Company is constantly improving production processes to increase labor efficiency and reduce production costs. We implement special programs to reduce dependence on market risks.

Development of production capacity

Constant increase in production capacity, tendency to complete automation of all production processes allow for timely fulfillment of all orders and quality products.

Dealer network development

The plant is constantly working to expand the Ukrainian domestic and international distribution network. Marketing strategy is focused on quality customer service and individual approach to each person. The Company is aimed at long-term relationships with customers and consumers of the products.

Quality policy

To ensure ongoing commitment to improving quality of manufactured products and minimize costs in the highly competitive and rapidly changing environment.
Maintaining social stability in the region and improving the quality of life of the plant workers is one of the most important tasks of the Company.