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Stage of a selection of the supplier

According to a number of criteria that are approved by European quality standards, the company compiled and implemented the rules for evaluating and selecting the main and reserve suppliers of raw materials and semi-finished products. The priority is the quality of raw materials.

The result is a list of the best suppliers.

Input control of raw materials

  • Upon receipt at the enterprise’s warehouse, a specialist checks the raw materials for compliance with the technical requirements.
  • Each component has its own certificate. We check the raw materials for compliance with the specified parameters in the accompanying document.

Quality raw materials are the basis of a quality disc.

The result – we allow only 100% quality raw materials to be produced.

Mixture quality control

For the high and stable quality of the discs, the quality control department(QCD) specialist checks the abrasive mixture for compliance with the approved yield value.

The result – we get a mixture homogeneous in composition with an allowable number of unconnected components.

Production of Uncooked discs

A blank of the future disk is made before baking in the oven – uncooked discs.

Each product unit passes the conformity control of the characteristics specified in the product flow chart. Control is performed on special equipment unique to Ukraine.

The result – blanks are 100% compliant with the requirements of European countries.


Bakelization is the process of “converting” a raw bundle of an abrasive tool into a finished unit for use.

In the firing process, we use aluminum discs. It is this material that ensures the uniformity of the baking process of the tool. Disks are baked according to the regulated heat treatment (firing) modes in order to ensure the necessary chemical processes at each stage. The maximum temperature in the furnace is 180 degrees Celsius.

The result – discs are made to all standards with maximum efficiency.

Finished product control

After baking, the discs are checked by the technical control department. At this point, the discs are tested for strength according to EN 12413 on a unique equipment.

Break test for compliance with ISO 9001: 2008, EN 12413. Disks manufactured by Novovodolazhsky Abrasive Plant withstand loads exceeding established standards by 2 or more times.

Tests according to the requirements of standards for the EU countries:

1. Sideload test

2. Impact test

The result – discs comply with European safety standard EN 12413.

Visual quality assurance

At this stage, 100% of the discs from the party are checked by the specialists of the technical control department.

Each disk should conform to the physical parameters specified in a technological card. The appearance of the product is also evaluated.

The result – no discs with visual imperfections or deviations in physical characteristics.

Performance check

In a specially equipped room, a final test is performed for part of the discs from each batch. Specialists cut and grind various materials at the request of the customer. This test is necessary to confirm the consistent quality of each batch of products.

 The result – is consistent disc quality in every batch.

Quality mark

Each box is marked with a stamp from the technical control department. At any time, we can determine the employees who took part in the manufacture of this batch. Thus, we get an almost “personalized’ tool.

Storage of finished products

In a warehouse, products are stored in a heated room with the required humidity. It is proved that rooms with high humidity negatively affect the quality of abrasive discs.

Novovodolazkyi abrasive plant concentrates most attention on compliance with the declared and certificated quality level of production, its stability. The checking department (Quality Department) carries out a check of each party of proexhausted production. Any disk does not act to the consumer, not having passed all the regulated levels of the control.