Grinding wheels of “NovoAbrasive” TM on bakelite bond are used in flat grinding with wheel end surface, cutting of blanks and slotting, finishing fine-grinding with abrasive tools. They are designed for all types of grinding, removing excess materials, cleaning welds, burrs.

The wheels are made of fused corundum of highest quality and thanks to the bakelite bond with reinforcing elements grains are held firmly providing strength to the wheel in difficult operation conditions and at high loads. The reinforcing element is in the form of three layers of fiberglass mesh. Wheels meet the needs of customers due to their wide range.

Wheels conform to TU 23.9-38633740-001:2013 standard, EN 12413.

Type 1

тип 1 Новоабразив

Shelf life: 3 years.

These wheels do not contain iron, sulfur and chlorine.

Not subject to mandatory certification and hygienic registration.


TYPE 1, 27

Item No.
(D*T*H) mm
MarkingQ pcs
(trade pkg)
Q pcs
(transport pkg)
WG27/11560 115x6,0x22,23 A 24 R BF 10 40
WG27/11580 115x6,0x22,23 A 24 R BF 10 40
WG27/12560 125x6,0x22,23 A 24 R BF 10 40
WG27/12580 125x8,0x22,23 A 24 R BF 10 40
WG27/15060 150x6,0x22,23 A 24 R BF 10 20
WG27/15080 150x8,0x22,23 A 24 R BF 10 20
WG27/18060 180x6,0x22,23 A 24 R BF 10 20
WG27/18080 180x8,0x22,23 A 24 R BF 10 20
WG27/23060 230x6,0x22,23 A 24 R BF 10 10
WG27/23080 230x8,0x22,23 A 24 R BF 10 10