Flap discs Extreme

Bulged shape discs (Type 29), necessary for the different grinding works for metal: removal of corrosion, deburring, weld treatment, paint removal, treatment of metallic surfaces. This instrument is characterized by smooth work, evenness of grinding, high productivity and long production life.

Extreme series 

Abrasive material of flaps is made of zirconia alumina. The discs are designed especially for work with inox, professional and high quality series. 

Item No.Size, mm
GrainMax speed, rpm
Q pcs
(transport pkg)
NE40125 125x22.2 P40  80 (12200 rpm)
NE60125 125x22.2 P60  80 (12200 rpm)
NE80125 125x22.2 P80  80 (12200 rpm) 10
NE120125 125x22.2 P120  80 (12200 rpm) 10

Novovodolazkyi Abrasive Plant accepts orders for flap discs, the products are available at stock of the enterprise.